Melanie Kasbee, Owner

Life Insurance

Life insurance is available to anyone who elects to help protect their puppy from all the wicked viruses, dog diseases and allergy’s out there. It helps to develop a strong immune system to fight health issues. Anyone who participates in the Nu-Vet program for the first 6 years of the dog’s life is able to participate in the life Insurance from Dog Gone Doodles. It is a show of confidence in our dogs and Nu-Vet that enable us to issue this to you.

If your dog dies before age 6 due to ANY health issues related to viruses, diseases, or genetic, we will replace your dog up to the cost you paid for your puppy, free of charge! The puppy must be replaced form us and when the next available puppy is available. This DOES NOT PAY VET BILLS, it is a life insurance policy only! It is a peace of mind for folks who want to do everything they can to keep their pet as healthy as possible. Ask Melanie or Brian any questions you may have!